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    Our "at risk" children's program takes kids who are on the brink of getting into trouble and puts them on "the straight and narrow" by providing scholarships for them to take martial arts lessons.

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  • Success Stories

    The greatest reward of being a Sidekick Foundation Member Studio, is the gratification that your efforts helped to enrich a life when they needed someone like you the most. We want to share that feeling of gratification with you.

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    The Only Martial Arts Foundation Exclusively for Martial Arts Scholarships! Whether you represent a martial arts studio or not, if you believe in contributing toward the futures of those in need, you can still show your support!

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What We Love to Do

The Sidekick Foundation is a nonprofit charity providing martial arts scholarships through martial arts schools to at-risk youths, people with disabilities, the elderly and others. Your local martial arts school may be able to offer you a martial arts scholarship at their school with our help.

Over 50 psychological and medical studies done over the past 35 years show that martial arts training can improve mental, physical and spiritual health. In just a few short years we have grown to over 100 chapters throughout the U.S. We, along with our martial arts studio partners provide scholarships for individuals to take martial arts lessons thus building their mental, physical or spiritual strength to live a healthier, more value-oriented life. For at-risk children, special needs people and the elderly this training can vary substantially improve their quality of life for the rest of their lives.

"I am so grateful we found Sidekick. I has kept several students in class when parents were too embarrassed to tell us of money problems. Not only are we able to contribute in a positive manner to our community, but we can also insure that our school will stay in business to continue our contributions!"
Libby Hill, Director, Family Karate - Mentor, OH

Sidekick Organization to Help Children

We Need Your Help

Be part of something great!

Martial arts studios can affiliate with us to become our "chapters". Studios can then engage in fund raising activities and approach their local community, corporations, government agencies and foundations seeking grants and donations on behalf of the Foundation. These funds are sent to the Foundation where it is held "in trust" as a part of the studio's scholarship fund. The Foundation also applies for grants on a national and regional basis and when grants are won, distributes them to the chapters. The Foundation provides extensive fund raising information and helps studios apply for grants with free grant writing services. Studios seeking more detailed information and/or a sign up form please click on "Contact us" below and the information will be emailed to you.

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